Technical data:

Flying weight 260-320 g
"Empty" weight 195-210 g

Area 22
Airfoils AG455ct-46-47

Area 2.0
Airfoil HT08

Area 1.55
Airfoil HT08

"Minima" description

This F3K Glider was designed by Oleg Ryakhovsky and is produced since 2008.

One of the advantages of "Minima" is a one-piece molded fuselage. This solution lets to eliminate highly loaded join of "nose" and tail boom used on most DLGs. Also  it helps to optimize the glass cloth and carbon lay-up inside and leads to optimal weight/strength compromise. So now we get a stiff fuselage of a 45...50 g weight. Root of the tail boom has light elliptical section.

Wing of glider is made within standard "sandvich" technology of glass cloth and foam, with carbon spar. Weight of the wing is 130...140 g depending on customer's requirements to wing strength.

Elevator and fin are made of CNC-milled foam core covered with glass cloth. Weight of: elevator is 5...6 g, fin is 6...7 g. Bottom half of fin is reinforced with double layer of glass cloth.

Standard coloring scheme is two-colors. Available colors are white, yellow, pink, red, light blue and light green.

For order and other questions please contact Oleg Ryakhovsky.