Here you can find a list of russian F3K pilots.

Dmitry Lomovtsev

Addicted to aeromodelling since 1995, last 7 years mostly to sailplanes of F3J/F3B/F3K classes. In 2005 and 2007 years he was a member of National F3J team.

Artiom Tarasov

In aeromodelling since 1988. Since 2006 flies in F3J class, since 2007 – in F3k as well.

Alexander Volkov

Flies RC sailplanes since 2002, takes part in F3B and F3J competitions since 2003. Member of National F3J team in 2006. First debut in F3K was in 2007, with good results. In aeromodelling since 1982.

Denis Gladkov

Joined aeromodelling at 1982, flew in F1A, F1C classes. Switched to RC models at 2006 with hand launch gliders.