Ladybird Cup 2008

Annual Ladybird Cup took place in Moscow at September 20, 2008. 32 pilots were rgistered, 28 has arrived and took part in the contest.

Couple of short videos of competition you can download below:
Part 1
Part 2

You also can read some impressions from organiser - Oleg Ryakhovsky.

Last year we could hardly dream about to see so many pilots on our F3K tour. I do not know the reason for such activity either growing up popularity of F3K models or the fact that Ladybird Cup was the latest competition in the season but there were about 30 pilots in the list of participants. An interesting fact was that I hardly know a half of them. It was really pleasant to get acquainted with new people and to be engaged in competition with them. There were pilots from all over the Russia and even one person from Ukraine Vitaliy Vaschenko, who had won the Cup.

In spite of totally rainy summer the weather was pleasant that day. From the very morning the sky was lean so that about of midday it was easy to find thermal. There were no wind and it was possible to use the same thermal several times. For example, in Ladder +15 seconds task most of pilots showed good results using the same thermal.

The weather became more interesting after lunchtime cold front and scattered rain. Flights became more difficult; was necessary to use not only rest of thermals but dynamic flows to keep the model on air. Such flows could be found, of course, close to low buildings around the field such as fence, WC, hangar, snack bar, etc.

The safety strategy on the field was: You can fly anywhere at any altitude.But if you fell down in safety zone - please get 100 points penalty from final result. Such strategy paid its way - models hovered above the snack bar in two-three meters high but none of them felt down in security zone. Competitions looked very spectacular because of that.

To tell more about security want to add that there were penalties for hitting people with the model inside of the landing zone (-100 points from the final result). In spite of taken measures and of the large field size (18060 meters), there were pilots fined with penalties. The reason was in dense flights in one corner of the field and not to spread all over it. As an organizer can tell that such security policy had fully paid its way and would be used lately.

Few words about the pilots. The most demonstrative technique of models throw was shown by Vitaliy Vaschenko (Kharkov, UKR) and Andrey Yakovlev (St-Petersburg, RUS). They threw models 5-10 meters higher than others. As for Vitaliy, he showed stability of high results during all the competitions and it helped him to win the Cup. Other pilots have now good example to learn and achieve and have time for training till the new season 2009.

About the organizational moments. There were 3 groups, 8-9 pilots in each, with interval 4 minutes between each group starting. This time was quite enough for changing equipment, for taking transmitters for pilots from another group, to make 2-3 test flights, etc. There were no any problems with timekeepers because the pilots from two other groups took their responsibilities. The timing (in loud) was made with voice recording from computer so the chief-referee Alexey Donskoy was only looking at the process of the contest and at safety zones violation. Tony Pavlov wrote and printed all the results during contest and by the end of third one he was frozen to death but courageously stayed till the end of the competitions.

Also traditional measures were taken towards radio-frequency safety. All pilots were obliged to leave transmitters or antennas including 2,4GHz range. As far as I remember there was no any frequency conflicts during all the competitions. Such practice will become ordinary and mandatory because of growing number of F3K pilots.

My personal impression from the event was quite positive. It was pleasant to see that the newcomers felt comfortable with the rules and timekeeper`s work and there were no any delays during competitions. Frankly hope on the positive growth of F3K pilots in the list next year. .