Where am I?

You are very welcome at our webpage. It is dedicated to DLG gliders in Russia. Here you can find a list of coming competitions and reports from previous one; you can meet Russian F3K pilots and see which models they fly.

What to throw?

 F3K Akcent DLG Akcent is produced in several modifications depending on air conditions and pilot's experience. AUW varies from 260 to 320 g. "Electric" modification is also available...    >>>

Minima F3K Brand new Minima has been successfully tested at the recent competitions.    >>>

What's new?

03.03.2009. Competitions list available
At the "Competitions" page you can find new schedule of Russian F3K competitions for year 2009.

12.12.2008. Summary 2008
So this flying season is over. F3K got huge growth in Russia this year. At the latest "Ladybird Cup" we registered 28 participants from different regions of country. So you may read some reports with photos and discuss them at our forum. We will be very glad to meet there foreign F3K pilots.

28.08.2008. Some new reports
Dear colleagues, we are really sorry that we did not update this site for a long time. Now you may read some new reports from competitions in Moscow, Ulianovsk and Tver. We do hope it will be interesting for you.